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City:Abidjan, Côte d Ivoire

About: A kind and loving woman with a beautiful smile, who loves surprises!



City:Abidjan, Côte d Ivoire

About: Koudou is a sporty lady who loves the great outdoors and is looking for a loving man.



City:Abidjan, Côte d Ivoire

About: A beautiful woman who is looking for a hardworking and faithful man to dedicate herself to.



City:Nairobi, Kenya

About: A dancer with a sweet, feminine side looking for a young and respectful partner.



City:Abidjan, Côte d Ivoire

About: Creative, caring and looking for the perfect man to give her heart to,



City:AINAMOI, Kenya

About: An adorable woman who loves to read and loves to dance, looking for a cute partner.

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